California Roll

California Roll – Temaki

Try this simple and tasty local style California roll, a favorite in Hawaii. Try making the cone version (Temaki), seems to be the easiest and you can stuff more of your favorite sushi ingredients. Enjoy!

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California Roll
Cuisine: Japanese Local Style
  • 6 cups uncooked rice, (use rice cooker measurement)
  • 6 sticks imitation crab
  • 1 small Japanese cucumber
  • 1 small avocado
  • 1 cup Best Foods mayonnaise
  • 1½ teaspoon salt
  • 6 sheets nori
  • 1 wasabi tube
  1. Cook 6 cups rice. Optional: you can add a little sushi vinegar to your rice or leave it plain.
  2. Prepare sushi ingredients Take imitation crab and split lengthwise to make 12 sticks. Cut cucumber to match crab stick lengths, slice to make 12 sticks. Peel a slice avocado into 12 thin slices. Then, mix mayonnaise and salt; set aside.
  3. Roll: On a bamboo sushi mat, place one nori sheet shiny side facing down. Layer with rice leaving the end farthest away from you empty. Then spread mayonnaise (about 2 tablespoons) over rice. Add a thin line of wasabi, according to taste, and place 2 crabs sticks, 2 cucumbers and 2 avocados slices, or add more or less of your favorite ingredients.
  4. Roll sushi and then cut into 8 pieces.
It takes a bit of practice at first. However, the fun part of making your own sushi, is adding your own favorite ingredients and of course, eating it. Delicious!

Here’s an example video using a bamboo sushi mat for rolling your sushi.

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This video is not in english, but midway he demonstrates how to make temaki (cone) sushi by hand.

Roberto Moriya – Temaki


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